About us

The core-idea behind our organization is the creation of extremely effective and high-quality sales videos for businesses.

By high-quality we mean videos which complete a website, perfectly integrate with it, harmonize with the whole brand image and add a missing component to the website personality.

Effective videos are those which are built on a solid foundation of real-world tested scientific advertising principles. Videos which know how to talk to your customers and deliver your message in the most efficient way.

After becoming fascinated with and constantly expanding our knowledge of human behavior, we begun to discover and implement the most effective ways to grab and hold the attention of website visitors, as well as deepening our understanding of what it really means to talk personally and naturally to people.

Thatʼs when we developed our own framework for creating extremely effective videos. We started producing personal automated salesmen for websites.

We constantly aim to connect and build relationships with our clients in order to better understand the challenges they encounter, as well as testing and improving our video technologies and advertisement techniques.

We feel genuine satisfaction after delivering a cool product to our customers and when they refer us to their friends and partners as the guys worth working with, the guys who really helped them with their business.

The game on the web has changed and you need to use the most effective tools in order to survive and beat competitors.

Thatʼs where Loud Videos come in!

– Oleg Laputyev,

  Client Services Director At Loud Videos

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